Spread over the sprawling 30 acres of beautifully landscaped area, the campus is among one of the most impressive ones in India. Massive educational complexes set in lush green environment provide three fight ambience and atmosphere for intellectual stimulation. The world class infrastructure in form of class rooms, computer laboratories, library,canteens, etch facilitate teaching-learning processes that fascinate and delight students, faculty, corporate visitors and parents .

Class Rooms
Classrooms have been equipped with multimedia audio- video equipments to facilitate effective learning and are designed to promote maximum interaction between the faculty and students. Each Class rooms have traditional & modern furnitures and are according to the norms of respective governing bodies .

Library Resource Center
Dwelling on new digital initiatives the Library Resource Centre caters to the academic interests of the student and faculty community at Science & Management Campus Of MCET. It has
More than 10,000 books .
More than 100 journals .
Over 176 videos and more than .
700 electronic media like CDs & Floppies .
The library is rich in resources in the subjects of Management, Business, Computer Application etc .

Computer Lab
One Hi-tech Wi-Fi enabled Computer lab consists of approximately 100 P-IV Computers , which are interconnected by optic cables and 4 MBPS leased line internet connectivity, software afor various computer programming application such as Turbo C , VB 6 , Turbo C++ , Oracle 8i , JDK etc.

Students and staff can get healthy and nutritious food in the college canteen. High levels hygienic nutrition food is made possible through facilities like steam cooking, cold storage, etc, in the kitchen.

Ragging Prohibited By Law
All the student should know that RAGGING IS PROHIBITED and is a criminal offence. Any Student found indulging in any act of ragging will be dealt with severely and handed to law and order authorities (Police). In addition, the college will take disciplinary action at its end, which may include rustication of the student from the college.